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October Adventures: Pumpkin Patch Fun

October Adventures: Pumpkin Patch Fun

So while in southern California the fall weather has yet to catch up to the season, fall activities are in full swing! Now that Grayson is a bit older, more exploitative, and curious I have started to take him to fun places that are kid friendly as well as affordable. Being a single parent, affordable is key! And I promise, if something is a little more on the pricey side, it’s worth the money spent.

Now It’s October 3rd (enter funny Mean Girls pun here) which means things like pumpkin patches are oh so fetch (there it is)! While usually we stick mostly to local, neighborhood pumpkin patches and fall carnivals, this year we decided to do something different and venture out to a more established location: Oma’s Pumpkin Patch in Lakeside, CA.

I was excited and Grayson was over the moon at the thought of pumpkins big and small all within reach of his tiny little fingers. Finding Oma’s was rather easy, just about a 30-45 minute drive from where we live in San Diego. The drive (we elected taking the 67, less traffic and a pretty route) is rather easy and the signage pointing to the patch was easy to see as well.


We elected to go during the week, early and the place was still poppin, so I can only imagine how the weekend is, but the parking was easy and there were people helping and directing you to spots. The pricing, to me, is a little higher than I was expecting at $12 a pop for kids ages 1-13 and $5 for adults, but the price includes a hay-ride around the farm, a small pumpkin for the little ones and free water(yes!). So over all- you get your money’s worth in my opinion. You have the option to purchase a pumpkin as well in case you want a larger one for carving or for cooking, so that was nice too. And the prices, as far as I saw were by size, not weight, which is awesome because there were some hunkers in there lol.

As far as the enjoyment level of the experience I would give it a 10 outta 10 on the Grayson level of excitement scale. There were play areas creatively created out of barn equipment for all ages, a corn seed “sand pit” that Grayson absolutely adored as well as a petting zoo and a child-size hay bale maze.

Grayson was thoroughly thrilled with his experience and the Oma staff and owners were incredibly interactive and bubbly folks sharing that the farm was family owned and run by the children of immigrant parents, who’s dream was to have a farm.

This place is a child’s wonderland of all things fall. I would suggest wearing long pants and comfortable closed toe shoes, although it’s not required. I know it will be something we go to every year as a family and I hope it is as wonderful of a experience for your family as it was for mine.

For more information on Oma’s Pumpkin Patch or to see other activities they have check out their website here: http://omaspumpkinpatch.com

Happy Pumpkin Picking!

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Visiting Down on the Farm

Visiting Down on the Farm