This website is a big passion project of mine. When I was starting out as a single mom I wished there was more out there to make me feel included and less alone. So I decided I was going to start writing down topics of discussion that I dealt with, struggled through and came out the other side so that I could share those things with other moms who might be going through the same struggles that I was and still am dealing with. So please, enjoy and be patient with me as I tweak and add and improve! I can't wait to get to know each and every one of your unique stories!

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Weekly Posts!

Life is tough. It's even tougher when you think you're going it alone. But fear not! Because this blog is all about embracing those in shared experience and learning to love yourself and your situation. This is where you'll find my weekly blog post and every Monday we will be touching on a different topic! So click below, grab some wine, and join in the fun!

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Funny Uplifters

Sometimes with kids we have the case of the Mondays EVERY DAY. Just be honest, sometimes we all have those moments where we just need a good laugh to balance the tears. Look no further! I will be sifting through my collection of mom ha-ha-ha memes, jokes, and over all laugher. So if you need a little pick me up while you're hiding in the bathroom "peeing", I've gotcha covered.

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Guest Blogger

Often times it's hard hearing from one single source, especially when it comes to parenting; and DOUBLE especially when it comes to single parenting. That's why I've included a Guest Blogger section. This way periodically you can hear from other parents who have been there too, varying in all age ranges, parenting styles, and child counts. These mom's have been hand selected to share their trials and errors, laughter and tears, so that you can know you're not crazy. Well... not entirely...


Adventures with Grayson

Welcome to Adventures with Grayson! I know as a mom of a toddler knowing fun, affordable places to take my kid or seasonal activities for fun adventures is VERY helpful, especially in preparation for nap time. So I’ve created a new section a blog dedicated to just that! Come along and explore San Diego and beyond with Grayson and I!